Unlocking Dragonspine Anemo Statue / Statue of Seven and Location Guide – Genshin Impact

This guid is how you how to unlock only anemo statue in Dragonspine and the statue location. In order to break special dragonspine ice you need scarlet quartz.

Timestamp :
00:00 Intro
00:04 Location
00:09 Path to Dragonspine
01:15 Cold Meter Caution
01:38 Reduce Cold Guide
01:45 Scarlet Quartz Use
01:54 Carefully Read instruction about Dragonspine area
02:12 About Frostarm Lawachurl
03:36 About Frostbearing Tree
05:42 Path to Anemo Statue
06:42 Entombed City area
08:34 Breaking Anemo Statue ice

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