Today I came to show you my current Fischl, and to say that I will never stop loving this character. Hey guys, Pirate here 🏴‍☠, let’s talk about Fischl (again)? Today I came here with my most up-to-date build, since the one in the previous video had no artifacts 5, my world level was lower and I didn’t have the necessary materials to make it the way I wanted it. Using two sets of artifacts which is the Bloodstained Gentleman and the Gladiator’s Last Oath, I tried to make a build really focused on Physical Damage, and special even for those using the compound bow as the main bow. Not having the rusty means nothing to anyone who doesn’t give up on their dreams, so right. Well, I hope that you guys enjoy the video, and I hope I didn’t make a mistake this time about something kkk, remembering that I’m varying between videos with and without the web because I’m still getting used to it, I’m shy (ง ︡ ‘-‘ ︠ ) ง. Thank you for the incredible feedback you are giving me, I am extremely happy because it is you who help me to improve and evolve more and more. See you soon, until the next Genshin Impact video, or maybe another one? kkk o /.


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