The Adventure Comes to PlayStation®4 on September 28 | Genshin Impact: Behind the Scenes

The pre-registration event for PlayStation®4 has officially begun! Head on down to pre-register here:

Genshin Impact iOS/Android/PC pre-registration event page:

Take part in the pre-registration event to not only obtain bonus in-game items, but also stand a chance to win an AirPods Pro, Genshin Impact mouse pad, or gift card worth US$15!

The wait is over, Travelers! Come September 28, Genshin Impact will be available to players all around the world on PlayStation®4, iOS, Android, and PC. Let’s begin our new adventure together.

So how did miHoYo overcome numerous obstacles to finally bring this adventure in the massive yet detailed land of Teyvat to the PlayStation®4 platform? What ingenuity and thought processes went into the development of Genshin Impact? If you’ve ever been curious about such questions, Traveler, let’s go behind the scenes of Genshin Impact in this video!

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