Genshin Impact Upcoming Playable Characters (Lore & Discussion)


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Hello friends! In this video we will be looking at all the confirmed upcoming characters (version 1.2 onwards). Future updates for Genshin Impact are still a mystery, but I hope I can shed some light into all the exciting stuff that is coming! We will be discussing character lore and background information as well as my personal opinion on them.

0:00 Kamisato Ayaka
03:19 Baizhu
11:17 Cyno
15:38 Dainsleif
20:32 Ganyu
26:32 Iansan
29:19 La Signora
33:52 Scaramouche
40:59 Lyney and Lynette
47:32 Xiao
53:34 Yaoyao

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