Genshin Impact – QiQi Gameplay – Alone Ship in Guyun Quest vs Secret Place Geoculus

Video show Genshin Impact – QiQi New Characters All SKills Gameplay – Alone Ship in Guyun Quest vs Secret Place Geoculus – PC Open Beta 2020 Gameplay Systems Preview open beta on android iOS PC version 28th 9/2020 , nintendo switch
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“原神” is a brand new open world adventure game independently developed by miHoYo. The game takes place in a fantasy world called “提瓦特”, where the person chosen by God will be awarded the “神之眼” to guide the power of the elements. You will play a mysterious character called “旅行者”. In free travel, you will find different companions with different personalities and ability to defeat powerful enemies and find lost relatives. At the same time, gradually explore ” The truth of the “原神”.
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