1 Keqing vs 8 Bosses.

10K likes and I’ll use the Dull sword against every boss with my level 69 Keqing.
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We do the impossible and we do Solo Keqing vs EVERY boss in the game. The challenge is tough, a level 69 keqing SOLO, no food, no buffs. (black sword heals but we don’t talk about that). I decided to challenge myself because what else would I do in Genshin Impact other than grind.

The ultimate Genshin Impact challenge, Keqing vs The World. Keqing mains rise up. Keqing solo oceanid. Keqing solo stormterror. Everything you can think of.
Version 1.0 btw.

Outro: Blood Drain (again) – Vocal Version
#Genshin #GenshinImpact #Keqing #Akron .


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