Hybrid DPS Fischl Build Using Rust Bow Showcase (WL7) | GENSHIN IMPACT

In this video, I showcase my Rust (Lv.90) and C6 Fischl (Lv.90) with a hybrid DPS build. Electro dmg bonus and physical/normal atk bonus are close to a 50:50 ratio. Artifacts used: 2pc Bloodstained & 2pc Thundering Fury. I did not use Gladiator’s 2pc because the Rust bow already has a lot of atk% substat, so going for a bloodstained set would increase my auto atk dmg more, and balance it with the electro bonus.

Previous Hybrid DPS Fischl Build (Compound Bow): https://youtu.be/prGLRkbYqdY

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Music: KODOMOi – Lollipop
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjlxHltylpc .


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