Genshin Impact AR41 – Klee BURST Build Guide and Showcase!

Razor’s fear is well founded. This Klee is Constellation 0.

The video is longer than I intended I recorded it straight and when it was over I was surprised to see 20 minutes. I tried to see what I could cut out but most of the information is relevant. So I uploaded it as is.

This is a quick build, not her best build as of yet.

**** I forgot to mention in the video, you can use Mappa Mare instead of Widsith but the burst won’t be as good****

I wasn’t supposed to pull for Klee but thanks to the kind donation of a viewer I pulled for her and here is the result of about 9 hours of build testing after I got her. I do not have much artifacts yet so I will be doing more testing and may update the guide in the future!

Table of Contents:
0:00. Showcase
02:04. Introduction to Klee/Where to get.
02:30. Why no Mona for showcase?
03:30. Damage numbers can get better.
04:00. Talents and talent interactions + Bug?
06:40. Jumpty Dumpty Interactions
07:30. Talent cont.
10:10. The Widsith Weapon
12:00. Artifacts
13:50. Stats
14:25. Crimson Witch of Flames
17:18. Other build suggestions
17:58. Pounding Surprise
18:20. Other Artifacts possible for her
19:00 Possible Guide update in the future
19:10. Like and Subscribe!
19:58. With Mona Ult damage

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