What Keqing thinks about the other characters (En dub)

(En dub) Genshin Impact

Oh and if your wandering why I changed Keqing’s voice to japanese sub on About Xingqiu’s it’s because when I played it on english dub, there was no voice that was playing I think it’s still in a wip.

English voice actor of Keqing:
Kayli Mills

Japanese voice actor of Keqing:
Eri Kitamura

0:00 About Zhongli
0:25 about Beidou
0:50 About Ningguang – Conflict
1:11 About Ningguang – Cooperation
1:29 About Ningguang – Trifling matters
1:48 About Xinyan
2:01 About Baizhu
2:25 About Xiangling
2:48 About Xingqiu
3:09 About Xiao
3:25 About Ganyu – Skepticism
3:45 About Ganyu – Reflection
4:11 About Yunjin
4:29 About the Anemo Archon

This was made in Genshin Impact version 1.1


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