Single Combo with Keqing Electro +100,000 Damage | Genshin Impact Turkish Guide & Gameplay

Discord come to you, do not miss the announcement: Genshi Turkey’s Impact channel Discord: I know 🙂 not forget to subscribe to, the actual reading of “The Goat” but this I like it better to address it. Please don’t forget to like it. I would be very happy if you can even share it. Have a good time. 00:00 Intro 00:09 Swords – Power Ranking 02:45 Artifacts 06:51 My Current Attributes 07:09 Critical Chance Why should Max 85%? 07:41 Physical Keqing Buildi 07:57 Team Setup – Eligible Characters 12:10 Damage Display – Combo İnstagram: #genshinimpact #rpg #game.


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