ALL PATCH 1.2! Albedo and Gan Yu portal, New SETS + 3 PRIMO-GEMS CODES – Genshin Impact

Chinese Live 11/12 Full Recap on Genshin Impact! Lots of things to say, new characters, weapons, content, zones, events! New OP Sets for Tartaglia, and cryo characters! ►CODES to gain 300 Primo-Gems, Ores, Mora and Books of EXP: 5KVeIbSxDUU (it’s a capital i) G3tQq6TOqmE eATDgIXLD56 NO SPACE. (Try different variations if it doesn’t work, lowercase, uppercase, il LI etc ..) For iOS: [à vos risques et périls]

► Summary: 00:00 Introduction 00:30 First-Gem Codes 02:04 800 Free First-Gems 02:48 Next Banners 05:25 Dragonback Mountain 06:30 New Monsters 06:58 New Weapons 07:32 Set Cryo and Hydro! 09:41 Minor Events 10:28 Major Event 11:35 Up to 80 Free Destiny Stone! 12:01 Miscellaneous 12:33 Conclusion ► Twitch: ► Discord: ► Twitter: #GenshinImpact #Patch #News Genshin Impact FR, Patch Note, Update, Update, Gacha, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Stone of Destiny, Primo-Gems, Boutique Shop.


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