NEW 1.3 Xiao Banner RATE UP ★★★★ Predictions! 14 Day Banner Confirmed! | Genshin Impact

With 1.3 Xiao Banner Coming In A Few Days, Lets Look At The Potential 4 Stars Characters In The Rate Up Banner. With Previous Banners & Elementals As Evidence!
Highly Likely:
Barbara & Beidou
Xinyan & Diona/Chongyun
Runners Up:
Razor, Ningguang

Our Previous Ganyu Prediction Video:

*Keep In Mind Those Are Personal Predictions Using Previous Banner Patterns & Clues, Does Not Represent The Official Ganyu Banner!*

Below Are Sources Of Info For This Banner Prediction Video:
Twitter Prediction Post:
Reddit Prediction Post:
CN Forum Predictions:
CN Customer Service Reply On 14 Day Banner:
BiliBili Coverage On VIP Customer Service 14 Day Banner Reply:

Thanks & Credits to Zeniet, u/StelioZz, Lolic For Sharing Those CN Screenshots, 原神百晓生)

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:14 Guide Overview
1:34 Xiao Prediction Tier List
1:51 All 6 Past Banner History
2:29 Basic Prediction Rules & 1.3 Clues & Keqing Banner
3:50 Adjusting To New Info
6:27 Final Xiao Banner Predictions
7:53 Confirmation Of 14 Day Limited Banners 1.3
8:49 Replies From VIP Customer Support
10:14 Hu Tao Speculations
11:11 Summary, Who Do You Think About Those 4 Stars?

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