Genshin Impact Update 1.3 Official Patch List! Details about banners!

Hey hey! As promised, Today is the official patch list in Genshin Impact! It’s a pity, of course, that nothing new was told to us, but let’s discuss Xiao and his banner! Hey! ItAllCanWait, or just Arkady is online! Welcome to the channel. On my channel you can see a lot of games ranging from the latest novelties to old and everyone’s favorite RPGs, and more! But we mainly play Identity V, DbD mobile and other mobile games. Feel free to chat and only rank in the best places!ツ 🎬Twitch: 🎬VK group: 🎬Discord server: 🎬Instagram Arcadia: https: / / ● FAQ Before asking what was asked a hundred times, please read it, I believe you can use letters!) What is your name? – Arkady ItAllCanWait … Or just Veit! Where do you live? – Cheboksary How old? – 31 Help does not work for me / gives an error / crashes – I regret not those support, you are different to them or on the forums there) If the streamer does not respond to your message in the chat, then he is: ChSV, asshole, ignorant or simply not I saw your message in the chat, and maybe it could be absorbed by the events unfolding in the game … If you read all this then you are a trendy fellow / clever, congratulations!) Respect yourself and those around you and then there will be peace in the whole world, and we will ride on unicorns in a pink sunset yeah, now everything is for sure) Identity v: 291102 Dead by Daylight Mobile: –itallcanwait– Steam: Original art: artwork / ea5yOG Enjoy your viewing! #Genshinimpact #Genshinimpact #ItAllCanWait.


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