Kurt chasing every 7 World Boss !! | Genshin Impact Keqing by AikQ Channel

All 7 World Bosses have no value in the eyes of Keeshing !! Level 90 Kerging chasing every boss fast and furious. Physical cable clips https://youtu.be/oMjKxJGVLNc Electrical cable clip https://youtu.be/jCxJnExzfGM If you like this clip, please click to follow and talk to each other in the live. Genshin Impact | AikQ Channel Live every day at 9:00 PM FB: AikQ Channel Youtube: AikQ Channel 💥 Mobile game top-up service at Majestic – Get top-up. Mobile game https://www.facebook.com/majesticshop4z/ 🎖 Donate channel 🎖 https://tipme.in.th/aikqchannel Keqing Physical build Lv.90 VS Boss Wolrd 7 Genshin Impact.


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