Genshin Impact | Lvl 80 KEQING MAIN | WORLD 6 | Electro Damage Build |

I am enjoying this new electro build. It still has the potential to be stronger when i get a 5* Electro Goblet artifact to drop! There is no Chamber 3 Abyss Floor 12 clip because i found the clip to be very boring and long, not worthy of showing.

0:00 Aquila Favonia Stats
0:22 Black Sword Stats
0:41 Artifacts and Talents
1:03 Black Sword with Double Pryo
1:10 Aquila Favonia with Double Pryo
1:13 Aquila Favonia DPS Fire Flower
1:30 Black Sword DPS Fire Flower
1:45 Aquila Favonia DPS Ice Flower
2:02 Black Sword DPS Ice Flower
2:19 Aquila Favonia DPS StormTerror
2:37 Black Sword DPS StormTerror
2:52 Xingqiu’s Gears and Stats
3:19 Abyss 12 Chamber 1 Team 2 Keqing/Xingqiu
5:15 Abyss 12 Chamber 2 Team 2 Keqing/Xingqiu

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