BEST ★★★★ Tier lists! Most Useful F2P Units Explained! | Genshin Impact

Here is our ★★★★ Tier lists! We will look at some of the most Useful F2P Units!

How To Build Your BEST Team! F2P Party Setup Guide & Tips!
BEST ★★★★★ Tier lists! Including 3 Upcoming Characters!
Most Detailed Artifacts Guide!

Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:13 Tier List Criteria
0:51 F2P Tips
1:47 S Fischl & Xiangling
5:00 A Tier Units
6:08 Traveler Usage/Potential
7:13 B Tier Noelle Potential
9:11 B- Tier Exploration Uses
9:42 Diluc Skills Showcase
10:14 C Tier
10:43 Summary

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