NEW Patch 1.1-1.3 Event Timeline! Official Dates & Banner Predictions! | Genshin Impact

There Are 2 Parts To This Future Patch & Events Timeline Guide:
1. Official Info On Exact Patch Dates, In-Game & Official Video Teaser Hints
2. Speculation On New Banner Using Official Info & Estimating Event Timelines

Official Chinese Post On Planned Update Times:
Official YouTube Teaser On Lantern Rite Festival:
Super FUN New Devilvey Event!

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:17 Guide Overview
1:06 Official Info & Hints
1:41 Official Update Road Map
2:33 Patch 1.2 & 1.3 Dates
3:21 In Game Hints For 1.2 Units
3:46 Official 1.3 Teaser With Xiao
6:12 New Banner Speculations
7:48 Estimate Timeline For Events
8:07 Detailed Timeline Notes
9:19 Dates & Events Estimations
10:17 Who Do You Think Is First? Ganyu Or Albedo?

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