NEW 1.3 ★★★★★ Waifu?! Hu Tao ‘Sneak Peek’! Estimate Date & Skills! | Genshin Impact

There Are Very Little Info On Hu Tao, The Upcoming 1.3 ★★★★★ Pyro Polearm Character, In This Video, We Will Look At Her Fan Art Designs, Possible Release Date, Her Skill Details & A Potential New Polearm For Her!

*Keep In Mind The Skills And Data Are Not Representation Of The Final Product*

*Disclaimer* This is a fan service sneak-peek/guide video to help viewers have an rough understanding of the featured character. I have mentioned several times in the video to warn viewers that the clips and data are Not representation of the final product. I do not own any of those footage, nor am I responsible for the accuracy of those skill values. Mechanics and damage are subject to change on the official release.

*Below are the Source of those YouTube Videos, Reddit Posts and Fan Based Sites*
Source & Credits To Data, Clip & Footage In The Video:
Reddit Hu Tao Fan Art Posts:

Still waiting for Hu Tao! "She wants to bury me so I wish she was dead." -Qiqi from Genshin_Impact

hu tao doodle to help with the small amount that currently exists from Genshin_Impact

Third Hu Tao Image Drawn By ddari
Reddit Xiangling Talks About Hu Tao Post:

Future playable characters? (Hu Tao, Varka, Rosaria, and also Yunjin) from Genshin_Impact

BiliBIli Source Of Hu Tao Specific Info:
Other Resources Used In The Video:
QiQi Voice Line:
Hu Tao Wiki Fandom:
Party Set Up:
Xiao’s Details:

Thanks & Credits To ( u/rreinn_, u/mopumopu, ddari, u/Felurianox, 原神百晓生, 孜然烦语)
Thanks & Credits Of Thumbnail Image: ddari, Doopliss (Please Let Me Know Via Twitter If I Happened To Have Missed The Original Artist!)

NEW 1.2 Artifact Sets Mentioned In The Video:
The Artifacts Tier-List Excel Used Here!

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Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:17 Guide Overview
0:58 Disclaimer: Fan Based Info, Not Final Product
1:13 Hu Tao Appearance Fan Arts
2:04 Character Voice Lines On Hu Tao
2:44 QiQI Vs Hu Tao
3:25 Summarized Hu Tao Info
3:43: Disclaimer: Fan Based Info, Speculations Only
3:52 Her Banner Info
4:27 Her Skill Details
5:49 Her E Spell & New Weapon Combos
6:59 Her Idle Animation & Jokes
8:05 Her Artifact Choices
9:05 Her Part Set Up Combos
10:50 What Do You Think Of Hu Tao?

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