All Character Build Guide – Genshin Impact

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Join me in this Genshin Impact video as we talk how to build all the characters before Adventure Rank 40.

0:00 Start
2:20 Diluc
3:42 Jean
4:53 Mona
5:50 Sucrose
6:15 QiQi
7:39 Amber
8:30 Beidou
9:26 Bennett
11:14 Barbara
12:16 Venti
13:10 Xingqui
13:46 Fischl
14:45 MC
15:32 Noelle
17:31 Kaeya
18:36 Ninguang
19:00 Chongyun
19:47 Xiangling
20:18 Keqing
21:28 Razor
22:36 Lisa

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